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Default Route Networks

Abridged from Wikipedia:

A stub network is a somewhat casual term describing a computer network, with no knowledge of other networks, that will typically send much or all of its non-local traffic out via a single path, with the network aware only of a default route to non-local destinations.

We will refer to those BGP networks which use a default route only, or a default plus a selection of routes (perhaps from an IX). Networks which do not run in the default-free-zone (DFZ).

List of things to be written about

  1. using ecmp to load balance more than one default route (including 2 default routes of inequal AS-path length)
  2. taking full routes + default and doing your own filtering
  3. expanding from 1 to 2 BGP routers
  4. expanding from 2 to n BGP routers
  5. interacting with your IGP (OSPF, EIGRP)

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